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adventure might bring your way.
We specialize in Ultimate 550 Paracord
Survival Bracelets, Watch Bands, custom
designs and more....
All our paracord products are hand-made
from super strong 550 paracord right here
in the USA.
Wear our survival bands every day and
show them off.  Paracord does not rot or
mildew and is quick drying. You can
quickly unravel your band and use the
extra cord to help you out in an emergency.
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We specialize in high quality custom made to order 550 paracord
products .
Here you will find just one of the accessories that goes great with
paracord creation.

Also a must too for escape/evasion situation.  
Please check out the pages below for buckle/color options.
Item Number: SERE-V-Cutter
$19.99 msrp
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SERE "V"  Cutter - Escapte / Evasion tool - zip tie cutter  (black or stainless)
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  • The SERE "V" cutter is a lightweight, easily concealed cutting tool that can be part of a paracord
  • bracelet, worn around the neck, keys, or concealed in your boot. Slices though webbing,  550 paracord, zip-tie restraints,
    duct tape and more.   Best for cutting plastic zip-ties.
  • The unique double blade design ensures safety for the end user and poses no risk of accidental cuts.
  • Comes with optional ranger bands to mount it so can be instantly accessed when needed.
  • Best use we seen it for is slicing throught plastic zip ties with one pull.  Amazing cutter for escape situations