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For large diver style watches and similar
install is easy.  You will put 4-6 lines of cord
under the lugs for quick connect.
For sports G-Shock and smilar style
watches only 2 lines of cord under the
 You must tell us if its a G-shock so
we can make the band correctly for you.
Watches with screw type lugs (ex:
Mudman) or fixed band (non
removable band) watches need
to be sent in to us for direct on
the watch band build.  Please
contact us for details.  You can
send in any watch to us to make
your band right on the watch.
How to correctly measure your actual wrist size or band size.
You can easily measure your wrist with a
flexible tape measure or loose piece of

Just wrap around wrist for a snug fit and
then measure the length.  
Please don't add any extra length, we'll
add length to the wrist size for a
comfortable fit.  

Male average wrist size: 7" to 8"

Female average wrist size: 6" to 7"

How to measure watch band, metal shackle bands, and buckle bands.
Examples below are for actual band size, NOT wrist size.  Actual wrist size would be smaller.
We cannot be responsible for wrong size band sent out to you, do to wrong details provided
by the customer.  If you would like your band to be looser or tighter just let us know and
we'll make it that way.  Otherwise we'll make it fit based on the actual wrist size provided.

Please always measure your actual wrist size and provide us with that measurement.  If you
measure your wrist to be 7.25" but dont see that option then select 7.5".  The paracord band will
shrink about .25" after they get wet and dry.  This is normal.  This gives you room to work with if
your band is a little loose.  Also you can streych your band about .25" if its a little too tight.   
You can also always add notes in your order with any requests you have, or just contact us after
your order is placed to make changes.
Always be prepared for whatever your next
adventure might bring your way.
Here at HikePro we specialize in the
Ultimate 550 Paracord Survival Gear,
Accessories, and lots more.
All our paracord products are hand-made
from real 550 paracord right here in the
USA, and are designed to help you when
emergency strikes.