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We carry a wide variety of buckles, shackles, clips for all your
paracord creations.  
We also have the biggest variety of survival kit buckles and
buckles with the hidden universal handcuff key.   Tough, high
quality buckles designed and made in USA since 2007.

All buckles and shacklesare top quality and have been
numerously tested for high quality and  performance.  We do not
use the cheap plastic buckles than can easily break or crack.  
Our our buckles are heavy duty quality and hold up great in any
All our shackles are made from stainless steel and are top quality.

We also accept requests for custom buckles, colors and
wholesale quantities.  Contact us for more details.
Here is a brief history of our buckles and how far we have come.  Our
promise is we will continue to innovate and work on new ideas so you can
always have the most useful products on hand when emergency strikes.
Buckles with hidden Universal Handcuff Keys.
2007: Our first cuff key
buckles. Real metal cuff
key on a 3/4 whistle
2010: Our first cuff key
with universal plastic
cuff key on a 5/8"
contoured buckle
Today:  Wide variety of cuff key buckles ranging
from a simple 5/8" buckle to a huge 2" bag/strap
2007: Our first fire
starter rod buckle.
Basic 5/8" buckle
with a thin
removable fire rod.
2010: Our first
buckle. Whistle
buckle with fire
starter rod and
metal blade
2010: Our new
HD 5/8" Buckle
with a thick
firesteel rod
Today: Wide variety of survival buckles ranging from
buckles with a firesteel rod, buckles with a blade,
buckles with a non-metallic ceramic blade, and
buckles with a complete survival kit hidden inside.
Survival Kit Buckles
Stainless Steel Shackles
The Past: Bracelets normally made with standard
stainless steel bow shackles.  Heavy duty but
hard to put on.
Today: Bracelets are made on the new 3 stage
adjustable stainless steel shackles.  Heavy duty, look
cool, and a lot easier to the bracelet put on the wrist.
Current Designs and Ideas
New Desing 5/8 Buckle
1.5" Buckle Kit: Cuff key
buckle and Ceramic Blade
Always be prepared for whatever your next
adventure might bring your way.
Here at HikePro we specialize in the
Ultimate 550 Paracord Survival Gear,
Accessories, and lots more.
All our paracord products are hand-made
from real 550 paracord right here in the
USA, and are designed to help you when
emergency strikes.