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Item Number: 550-Belt-Flat
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$179.99 msrp
Heavy Duty 550 Paracord Wide Flat Braid Belt (very Comfortable)
Design Examples:
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We specialize in high quality custom made to order 550 paracord belts
There are options you can choose from to get the perfect belt you
need and more designs coming soon.
These are one of kind top quality belts  you will not find anywhere
Each belt is made with real 550 USA made paracord with precision and
top quality parts.
Flat comfortable design which also holds more cord than the cheaper cobra stitch belts.   
Has a professional look and feel.  Can be worn with most pants large or small loop hole.


Made from real 550 USA Paracord
Approx: 1.25 Inches Wide and .25 inch thick
Flat comfortable design

Std. 42"  size is made from over 100 feet of paracord, thats more than enough for any survival situation.
Listed length options are for the actual length of the belt, not waist size.

Each belt is custom made to order.
Flat braid design hold more cord than other bulky uncomfortable belts.

Full cord design,  no ugly straps or clips.  Just a real Belt design with heavy duty metal buckle.

We can also make you  the cheaper design belts that are sold out there if you would like, just let us know.
Always be prepared for whatever your next
adventure might bring your way.
Here at HikePro we specialize in the
Ultimate 550 Paracord Survival Gear,
Accessories, and lots more.
All our paracord products are hand-made
from real 550lb paracord right here in the
USA, and are designed to help you when
emergency strikes.
Item Number: 550-Belt-2xCobra
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$99.99 msrp
Heavy Duty 550 Paracord double cobra Braid Belt
Design Examples:
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Pre-Made and ready to ship:

Made from 550 USA Paracord
Approx: 1.5 Inches Wide and .30 inch thick

Std. 46"  size is made from over 90 feet of paracord.
Great fit for Waist size 32" to 42"

Includes heavy duty metal buckle.

Belt can also be made to order via speical request.  Please email us for a quote.