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Wear our survival bands every day and
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Archer's Caliper Release
Item Number: allen-release
$39.99 msrp
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*In Stock*
This is an Archer's release which buckles around your wrist so that your draw the Sling Bow with your whole arm and shoulder and
then shoot with a rifle like trigger.  This has a hair trigger release for precise shooting. Comes retail package with instructions.
This release is recommended for compound bows and sling bows because the jaws are held shut on D loop by a spring, big

Manufacturer specs:
Custom Contour
Caliper Release
-Factory tuned trigger
-180 swivel mounted caliper head
-Posi-Lock hook up for quick attachment to the string
Ergonomic Custom Contour Shaft
Brand new in Retail Package with instructions

HFX slingshots work best with a Archer's trigger release. Shooting a slingshot with a hair trigger for pinpoint arrow placement.
Advantage: Pulling heavy draw tubes with whole arm and shoulder. You are looking down the arrow as you draw back. At Full Draw
you see the arrow and target then just touches the trigger.
Chief AJ  Premium hunting slingshots and slingbows are one of the best
hunting accessories on the market today. Powerful and super compact can
be quickly used in a survival situation.  Some would say actually easier to
use then a bow and supper accurate.
Created by the legendary Chief AJ the slingbows are built from the best
quality materials right here in the USA.  Chief AJ being a holder of multiple
world records with rifles, bows, and sling bows knows his stuff and the HFX
Hunting and Fishing Slig-Bow is the proof.
You will find here the 2 of the best sling shots available today the HFX 40# Elk
Sling Bow and the HFX 50# Grizzly Sling Bow.  
We also carry accessories and break down arrows to help you built you
ultimate survival kit.
Not a toy.  (Please see our Disclaimer page regarding purchases of knives, bows,
blade, etc before making any purchases.  You must be 18 to purchase our sling bows.)