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Chief AJ Hunting & Fishing Sling Bow Replacement Tubes
Item Number: HFX-tubes
$29.99 msrp
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*In Stock*
**International Customers must agree to shipping terms.  Email confirmation required.  Intl. Buyer fully responsible
for shipment - no exceptions.  Must check with local laws to make sure this product is legal in your area.
  • **If choosing the magnetic pouch, you will need to purchase magnetic nocks for your arrows to be able to shoot them
Product Details:

Prime Series Powerbands are Natural Latex Rubber Tubing made by "Continuous Dip Process”, creates a superior natural latex
rubber tubing.
The physical properties are better, the quality higher than product manufactured from dry natural or synthetic materials. In addition,
Prime Series powerband tubing has only 50 micrograms or less of water extractable protein per gram. This is important since proteins in natural
rubber can cause severe allergic reactions in those individuals who are allergic to the types of protein found in natural rubber. This is known as the
"latex allergy". No other rubber tubing can claim to have lower protein levels. All our powerband sets are produced in pre-cut lengths which are then
split in the middle so we have a matched powerband set. Our assemblers complete the split and install on the pouch assembly with the matching
ends on the connector pins to achieve a powerband with matching draw weight and compression.

Prime Series Powerbands come in several configurations.

Arrow Nock Pouch with D Loop
– this is the ultimate slingshot/slingbow pouch for shooting arrows. This pouch has bow string mounted
internally in the pouch between the Top Grain and Suede leather layers to hold the arrow nock just like an archers bow. Comes with the D Loop you
are able to shoot much stronger powerbands with the aid of a release. Works with the QuickFire non mechanical release as well as any mechanical
release used by archers. A second advantage of this pouch is you can still shoot round ammo such as steel balls and marbles.

Arrows Only with D Loop – This pouch was specifically designed to be used while shooting fishing arrows so as not to absorb any water as the
leather pouch would. Made of bow string and with D Loop can be used in all archery applications and is the preferred pouch in using 50#
powerbands due to it’s strength.

Magnetic Pouch with D Loop – is the latest release from the Lalonde team and will be the cornerstone pouch for the new Dual System. Made to
compliment National Slingshots magnetic arrow nocks, this will allow the shooter to shoot both arrows and steel balls without having to change
bands and at 100% compatibility. The new Magnetic nock will simply replace the traditional nock in your arrow (does not cause any damage to the
arrow so when you want to go back to shooting with a bow simply change the nocks back). This pouch allows all of the convenience of shooting
steel balls with a magnetic pouch and on the very next shot shoot an arrow with magnetic nock and you will see a smooth and quiet release of the
arrow. Absolutely the simplest way to shoot both. Available in all powerband strengths.

Resistance / Pull is 33 to 55 lbs.   Archers pull is required for using these bands.
We recommend QuickFire pull.
Tube Options:
Arrow Nock Pouch
with D Loop
Magnetic Pouch
with D loop
Arrow Only with D

New Non-Mechanical Shooting release for HFX slingshots, Compound bows, long bows and recurve bows.  QuickFire Archery Release comes
packaged with instructions.
Also makes a good Backup Release for Compound bow shooters.   This one is our favorite.
Product Description

Some of the main enemies of natural, organic latex are sun rays, heat, and ozone pollution. Ulta Violet
Rays (UV) can quickly dry out, rot the bands, and make them brittle, especially if you shoot outdoors or
leave your slingshot inside the car, which can get especially hot. Just as it doesn't take very long to get a
severe skin burn, latex is also sun sensitive, and can be damaged in a similar way!

Powerbands are made from the highest quality "dipped" latex. To get the maximum life and sustained
power out of your bands, guard them from damage with 303 Aerospace Protectant...THE LEADER in UV
screening technology. This unique product was originally developed for the aerospace industry. Water
based and non greasy, it bonds deep into the latex surface to block the sun's UV rays and guard against
ozone damage, cracking and slow fading. It enhances and restores the latex color by repelling dirt,
mildew, and stains.

303 Aerospace Protectant is the worlds most powerful, longest lasting UV screening product with a
sunscreen factor of "SPF 40". The handy 2 Fl.Oz., backpack-size bottle, includes a spray head for easy
application. Spray on/wipe off. Contains no harmful silicone oils or petroleum distillates. Also great for
vinyl, rubber, fiberglass, tires, plastic, leather, diving suits, underwater speargun bands, etc. 303
Aerospace Protectant is earth-friendly, non-toxic, non-flammable, and biodegradable.

If you shoot often, go on camping trips, or store your slingshot for long periods, it is a good idea to apply
the protectant about once every 2 to 3 months to keep your bands, leather, and recoil arm-pad in top
condition. !
If you would like to see more information about 303 Aerospace Protectant, please
go to the manufacture's website: 303 Products. This product is proudly made in the USA

303 Aerospace Protectant  -  Recommended for keeping your tubes lasing a long time.
Chief AJ  Premium hunting slingshots and slingbows are one of the best
hunting accessories on the market today. Powerful and super compact can
be quickly used in a survival situation.  Some would say actually easier to
use then a bow and supper accurate.
Created by the legendary Chief AJ the slingbows are built from the best
quality materials right here in the USA.  Chief AJ being a holder of multiple
world records with rifles, bows, and sling bows knows his stuff and the HFX
Hunting and Fishing Sling-Bow is the proof.
You will find here some of the best sling shots available today and wide
range of accessories to build your own personal system.
We also carry break-down & fishing kit arrows to help you built you ultimate
survival kit.
Not a toy.  (Please see our Disclaimer page regarding purchases of knives, bows,
blade, etc before making any purchases.  You must be 18 to purchase our sling bows.)