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Chief AJ Hunting & Fishing "ELITE" Sling Bow - (33# - 55#)
Item Number: Chief-bow-ELITE
$149.99 msrp
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*In Stock*
Chief AJ Hunting & Fishing ELITE Sling Bow - 33# - 55#
***Must be 18 years old to purchase all Slingshots and Sling Bows from our site.  HikePro LLC will not be responsible for any damage or harm from
these products.  Please read our Disclaimer page for more details.***

The Elite Bow is 8" tall, 4" wide folding up to 1" thick weighting only one (1#) pound yet with the proven power to harvest all North American Big
The slingbow comes with 33# - 55# lb draw tubes that shoots balls, rocks and full length big game hunting arrows. The Elite has a true fall away
arrow rest.
Please note the tube can be adjusted for poundage from 33# to 55#. Once its cut down to higher poundage you cannot go back.
When set to about 50# the arrow speed will be around 185fps.

The slingbow is setup with a Push Button arrow rest that is bolted to the solid metal handle to that you can shoot balls or arrows without taking the
slingshot apart.  Available for sale separately  as well on our other pages.

Instructional DVD" is no longer provided in the kit and all instructional videos are posted online for anytime viewing access.

Chief AJ SlingShots and Sling Bows are
100% Made In The USA from top quality materials and are the best survival sling shots on the market right

More info from Cheif AJ pages on the HFX bows:
Over the past year people have been asking about "Kenetic Energy" of the 40# pull slingshots like Chief AJ's ELK HUNTER, FULL FISHING RIG, DEER
HUNTER RIG. The results came in today 5/16/13 for Engineer William Wiesner: Well, here are the results:
- Draw weight is 42#@28"
- Foot pounds of kenetic energy 30.31# this is the single most important
measurement in bow preformance.
- Feet per second 161
- Dynamic Efficency- 78%
This is outstanding for this type of equipment. Turkey, black bear and
deer. Look out now, there is no excuse to not pile up the animals.

HFX slingshots work best with a Archer's trigger release. Shooting a slingshot with a hair trigger for pinpoint arrow placement. Advantage: Pulling
heavy draw tubes with whole arm and shoulder. You are looking down the arrow as you draw back. At Full Draw you see the arrow and target
then just touches the trigger.

Our choice:
New Non-Mechanical Shooting release for HFX slingshots, Compound bows, long bows and recurve bows.  QuickFire Archery Release comes
packaged with instructions.
Also makes a good Backup Release for Compound bow shooters.   This one is our favorite.
Kit Options:
SlingBow w/ quick
fire release &
take-down arrow
SlingBow w/ a
take-down arrow
SlingBow w/ 3
take-down arrows
We also offer complete fishing rig kits.  
**International Customers must agree to shipping terms.  Email confirmation required.  Intl. Buyer fully responsible for
shipment - no exceptions.  Must check with local laws to make sure this product is legal in your area.
Choose Kit & Shipping:
Choose Tubes:
Choose Arm Rest:
Site Shipping Terms (Intl. & US.):
Additional Notes:
  • **If choosing the magnetic pouch, you will need to
    purchase magnetic nocks for your arrows to be able to
    shoot them
  • **Box packaging may vary.
  • *If choosing no arm rest, you can buy it separately.
Chief AJ  Premium hunting slingshots and slingbows are one of the best
hunting accessories on the market today. Powerful and super compact can
be quickly used in a survival situation.  Some would say actually easier to
use then a bow and supper accurate.
Created by the legendary Chief AJ the slingbows are built from the best
quality materials right here in the USA.  Chief AJ being a holder of multiple
world records with rifles, bows, and sling bows knows his stuff and the HFX
Hunting and Fishing Sling-Bow is the proof.
You will find here some of the best sling shots available today and wide
range of accessories to build your own personal system.
We also carry break-down & fishing kit arrows to help you built you ultimate
survival kit.
Not a toy.  (Please see our Disclaimer page regarding purchases of knives, bows,