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$19.99 msrp
CERAMIC RAZOR BLADE \ non-metallic
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*In Stock*
Always be prepared for whatever your next
adventure might bring your way.
Here at HikePro we specialize in the
Ultimate 550 Paracord Survival Gear,
Accessories, and lots more.
All our paracord products are hand-made
from real 550 paracord right here in the
USA, and are designed to help you when
emergency strikes.
Product Details:
This could well be the ultimate last ditch hide-out blade.  The Ceramic Razor Blade is totally non-metallic, made from Zirconia
ceramic, a super-hard material that is extremely wear-resistant.  This covert blade with a chisel-grind edge is designed as a
hide-out blade for cutting tape, ropes, plastic cuffs, etc.  The blade has a lanyard hole so that it can be sewn into clothing or
attached via a lanyard to your belt or gear.  Color: black.  Size: 1.25" x 0.4" (30mm x 10mm). Thickness: 0.028" (0.7mm).  
Weight: 0.017 oz.
Item Number: Cer-blade
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Here you will one of kind security and safety products. Please check with local
rules/law if you are allowed to use these products.
We are an authorized reseller of these unique products made by a USA
company, that you will find not find from any other manufacturer.
They are mainly designed for law enforcement, military and spy use but have
great every day survival use as well.
We provide regular and wholesale pricing.  You will find below options to
purchase one or larger qty at a discounted volume pricing.
                  Most products are MADE IN U.S.A
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$17.99 msrp
Mini Survival Ceramic Razor Blade \ non-metallic
(Click to enlarge)
*In Stock*
Product Details:
Can serve as a last resort hide-out blade. Small enough be easily stashed away.   
Also great for every day use and survival situations.
Excellent for custom Paracord Survival Kit Straps etc..
Ceramic Razor Blade is totally non-metallic, made from Zirconia ceramic, a super-hard material that is extremely wear-resistant.  
Heavy Duty blade has a V-Edge grind edge for razor sharpness.  Its Excellent  for cutting paracord, tape, ropes, plastic cuffs, etc.
Color: white.  
Size: 0.91" x 0.31" (23mm x 8mm ). Thickness: 0.039" (1.0mm).  
Weight: 0.015 oz.0.
Item Number: Mini-Cer-blade
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