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Always be prepared for whatever your next
adventure might bring your way.
Here at HikePro we specialize in the
Ultimate 550 Paracord Survival Gear,
Accessories, and lots more.
All our paracord products are hand-made
from real 550 paracord right here in the
USA, and are designed to help you when
emergency strikes.
The Hostage Escape Card
Item Number: Ready-Escape-Card
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When the Special Forces guys at ReadyMan get together
and start to reflect on experiences from one of the toughest
survival survival schools in the world, innovation comes to
life!  There is talk of hard lessons learned that only SERE
(Survive, Evade, Resist, Escape) school provides, and the
gear that could have made food previously impossible to get
now within reach.
Here you will find a wide array of Survival Cards to help you
in any situation.  
HikePro is not liable for any harm or misuse done by this product.
Check local laws before purchase and use.
Please see our
Disclaimer page regarding purchases of knives,
before making any purchases.  You must be 18 to purchase any knife
type product)
The Hostage Escape Card (Kidnap Escape) was designed by our Special
Forces Cadre to be your discreet and constant companion to assist with the
defeat of unlawful restraints.  You can easily carry it in a wallet or pocket and if
you are worried about a specific restraint, remove the needed tool from the card
for even more concealed carry options.  You will be able to defeat handcuffs, cut
through rope, tape, wood, zip-ties and even pick locks!

Don’t know how to pick locks? Don’t worry, we have an instructional video just for
our ReadyMan members (membership required)  that shows you how to get the
most out of your Hostage Escape Card.  So, put something in your wallet that can
get you OUT of trouble! Pick up your Hostage Escape Card and join the ranks of
those who stand ready.

The ReadyMan Hostage Escape Card features:
- Stainless Steel
- Saw
- Handcuff Shim
- Rake
- Tension Wrench
- Made in the USA
- Only weighs 12 grams (.42 oz)
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