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S1 mini Baton
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$59.99 msrp
Olight S1 Mini Baton Tactical Flashlight   $49.95
*In Stock*
The S1 MINI / HCRI are the smallest and most compact flashlights in the Olight bestselling baton series.

The tiny S1 MINI utilizes a Cree XM-L2 LED that delivers a max output of
600 lumens and its HCRI version with a max output of 450 lumens with a Cree
XP-G3 CW LED but with truer color representation when shined on objects.
HCRI model color temperature: cool white 5500k, 90 CRI.
Regular model color temperature: cool white 6500k, 70 CRI.
Both versions come with a rechargeable RCR123A battery with a built-in Micro-USB charging port.  

The new S1 Mini flashlights contain a low battery indicator built into the side switch and magnetic tail cap for hands free use when attached to ferrous
metal surfaces.
They also feature a new braided surface texture for comfortable grip and improved deep-carry dual-direction pocket clip making the S1 MINI and S1 MINI
HCRI the perfect lights to take with you on the go.
The S1 MINI / HCRI are the smallest and most compact
flashlights in the Olight bestselling baton series.
Beam Distance (ft)
Beam Distance (m)         130
Max. Performance (lumens)         600
Charge type  
Compatible Batteries         1 x CR123A/RCR123A
Light Intensity (candela)         4200
Light Form         Wide/broad hotspot. Perfect for up close illumination.
Lens / Reflector Type         TIR reflector (big, defined wide hotspot)
Series         Series S (EDC, General Use)
Unique Characteristics         

HCRI model color temperature: cool white 5500k, 90 CRI.

Regular model color temperature: cool white 6500k, 70 CRI.

Extremely compact. The new S1 MINI are the shortest CR123A & RCR123A battery compatible side-switch flashlights.

No charger is needed for charging the battery. The included battery is r
echargeable through a built-in Micro-USB port, therefore it may share the same
charging cable with a phone.

HCRI version built for perfect color reproduction with illuminating objects eliminating all unwanted extra tints.

Magnetic tailcap. The flashlight attaches securely to any ferrous metal surface for hands free use.

LEVEL 1 (lumens)   600 - S1 Mini   450 - S1 Mini HCRI
Run-time LEVEL 1  S1 Mini: 600 lumens (~300lm) - 55m (1m);   S1 Mini HCRI: 450 lumens (~250lm) - 55m (1m);

LEVEL 2 (lumens)  300 - S1 Mini   250 - S1 Mini HCRI
Run-time LEVEL 2   S1 Mini: 60m;  S1 Mini HCRI: 60m;
LEVEL 3 (lumens)  60 - S1 Mini   50 - S1 Mini HCRI
Run-time LEVEL 3  S1 Mini: 6h;  S1 Mini HCRI: 6h;
LEVEL 4 (lumens) 15 - S1 Mini  12 - S1 Mini HCRI
Run-time LEVEL 4  S1 Mini: 30h;  S1 Mini HCRI: 30h;
LEVEL 5 (lumens)  0,5 - S1 Mini  0,5 - S1 Mini HCRI
Run-time LEVEL 5  S1 Mini: 15days;  S1 Mini HCRI: 15days;
Strobe     Yes

Waterproof         IPX8
Weight (g / oz)         43 / 1.52
Length (mm / in)         54 / 2.13
Head Diameter (mm / in)         21 / 0.83
Body Diameter (mm / in)         21 / 0.83
Led         Cree XM-L2
Packaging         Plastic box
Use         everyday carry , keychain, car, camping, fishing, edc, special gift

Package Contents         
S1 Mini Flashlight,
650mAh RCR123A Rechargeble Battery with microUSB charging port
50cm charging cable USB-microUSB
Pocket clip
Instruction Manual
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