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We specialize in Ultimate 550 Paracord
Survival Bracelets, Watch Bands, custom
designs and more....
All our paracord products are hand-made
from super strong 550 paracord right here
in the USA.
Wear our survival bands every day and
show them off.  Paracord does not rot or
mildew and is quick drying. You can
quickly unravel your band and use the
extra cord to help you out in an emergency.
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You will find here a premium selection of Compact Take-
down Survival Bows and Arrow Sets.
The bow and arrow has been the primary hunting survival
weapon for over 10,000 years and is widely used by hunters
today. Most regular bows are not compact for survival and
are very costly. Trying to make one in the wild takes a great
deal of skill and know-how that most don’t have.
These one of a kind take down Bows were specifically
designed for survival hunting at an affordable price. They
are a perfect fit for your bug out bag and travel.  
Made in U.S.A.
Super Compact Take-Down Survival Bow & Take-Down Arrow Set
+ Bowfishing Kit
Item Number: nom-comp-bowfish-kit
$199.99 msrp
(Click to enlarge)
The new Super Compact Nomad survival bow and arrow set will take down to store in its pouch and is only 16 inches in length.
*riser is black, limbs are OD green*
The 2 piece fiberglass/resin limbs assemble together by slipping them into the bracket and then placing the assembled limbs into
the brackets mounted to the riser. Assembly requires no tools. Just string the bow and its ready to shoot.

The super compact take down Nomad survival bow comes with 3 survival arrows that simply screw together The Nomads caring
pouch is used as a quiver that will sling over the back or tightened around the waist to hold the fully assembled arrows while

Product Features
• Super Compact take down design made in the USA
• Available in 45 lb. draw. (see other bows for 55lb)
• Super strength fiberglass riser and limbs
• Arrow rest included
• Includes 3 break down arrows and carrying case
• Comes with Manual
  • approximate kit weight 2lb & 2oz

*All risers are ambidextrous for left & right hand use
1 Year Warranty
Warranty covers any manufacture defect only.
Warranty does NOT cover:
Broken/Damaged Strings
Worn Out/ Used Item
Purposely Physical Damage, such as: Usage not in accordance
with product instructions, misuse, dry firing, neglect, or any alterations.
Never Dry Fire this or any Bow.
Choose Ship to: (US & Intl.)
*In Stock*
Extra limbs, arrows and strings are available.
49" strung
16" folded
16" x 4"
Bowfish Reel w/ fishing line and TD arrow kit
The Reel:
This basic Bow Fish Reel provides friction-free feed. The clip prevents line spillage and has a jam nut for secure, exact
positioning. Includes 50ft of 88lb. line. Fits standard compound bow accessory insert and our compact survival bows (this kit
has adapter included).  Made in USA.  

  •    Friction Free Feed
  •   Fits standard compound bow accessory insert
  •    Clip prevents line spillage
  •    Jam nut for secure, exact positioning
  • Stainless steel wing nut for securing to compact bow adapter
  • Adapter for compact and super compact bows included.
  •    Includes 50 ft. of 88 lb. line
  •    Made In USA
Take Down Arrow:
Premium take-down arrows.  Break down to 1/2 size for easy compact storage.  Simply screw in together and ready to be used.  
A must for any survival bow kit.
Product Features
• Compact take-down arrows
• Screw in together for quick assembly
• Field point tip included for practice target shooting.  
Fishing Tip included for bowfishing.
• Fletching color may vary.  4" fletching length
Arrow is equipped with the AMS archery safety slide kit.
Eliminates arrow "snap-back". Safety slide keeps line away from arrow rest. When tied properly, it
ensures near perfect arrow flight. Helps prevent shooting through fish.

*Must use caution when using bow fishing kits and arrows.  Strongly recommended to wear safety
goggles when doing any type of bow or slingbow shooting.  
Use Kit at own risk.
AMS Archery Safety Slide
Approx Specs:
Tip to tip length: 31.5"
Break down size: 16"
4" fletching vanes (color will vary)
350 spine and straightness is .006 100% CARBON

Notes: This is a custom break down arrow, do Not Flex before use.   
Recommended for use with bows 55lb or less.
Always inspect arrows for safety before each use.
Bowfish Reel with fishing line and our Take-Down arrow kit for HikePro Compact Take-Down Bows.   
Quick and Easy to use.  
Includes required adapter for use with our Compact Survival Bow Kits.  
Complete Kit ready for install on our compact bows or standard compound bows.
Comes with Field Tip for practice target shooting and fishing arrow tip for actual bowfishing.

AMS Archery Safety Slide:
Eliminates arrow "snap-back". Safety slide keeps line away from arrow rest. When tied properly, it
ensures near perfect arrow flight. Helps prevent shooting through fish.
*Must use caution when using bow fishing kits and arrows.  Strongly recommended to wear safety
goggles when doing any type of bow or slingbow shooting.

Nearly anyone who is into bowfishing has experienced fish arrow snap-back. The AMS Safety Slide is designed to eliminate that
hazard! The AMS safety slide allows near perfect arrow launches and flight while keeping the string forward of the bow, where it
belongs. Fits standard 5/16" fiberglass bowfishing arrow shafts.

Don't let arrow snap-back ruin your bowfishing, install AMS safety slides on all your bowfishing arrows.
Eliminate fish arrow snap-back
Helps create near perfect arrow release and flight while bowfishing
Fits all standard 5/16" bowfishing shafts

Make sure to review proper use of arrow/safely slide setup to avoid possible injury.
Buyer is full responsible for use of this kit.
Complete Set:
Bow with arrows +
Bow Fishing Kit
(Example of install on compact bow kit)
Survival Bow Accessories:
QuickFire USA - Archery Release
Compact Take-Down Survival Arrows
Bow Strings
Take-Down Survival Bowfishing Arrow  with Safety Slide
Safety SLides & Fishing Tips
Full size Bowfishing Arrow  with Safety Slide
**International Customers must agree to shipping terms.  Email
confirmation required.  Intl. Buyer fully responsible for shipment.