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We specialize in high quality custom made to order 550 paracord watch
band  designs and options you can choose from to get the perfect band
for your watch.  These are one of kind top quality bands you will not find
anywhere else, and that we guarantee.
Each watch band is specifically made for your watch.  This page is
specifically dedicated to the Suunto Core & Vector Watch Series.
We also offer the option for our customers to send their watches in to us
so we'll  make the band on your watch and send it back complete.
(Please also see our Disclaimer page regarding purchases of knives)
Custom orders and requests are always welcome, just contact us.
Also check out
550pics page for images of completed customer orders.
Please check out the pages below for buckle/color options and to
seehow to correctly measure your wrist and watch.
Watchbands have a Lifetime Warranty!!!  No more broken rubber straps.   
**Warranty applies to paracord rope, braiding, & ss adjustable shackles.  Guaranteed not to break or wear out with regular use. Any intentional abuse will void the warranty.
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Suunto CORE 550 Paracord Watchbands
Suunto VECTOR 550 Paracord Watchbands
Suunto CORE Watchband LUG Kit's
Suunto VECTOR Watchband LUG Kit's
Suunto Core/Vector Heavy Duty Nylon Zulu
Watchband Kits
For other Suunto Watches contact us with
the custom request. (ex: Ambit)
HikePro Exclusive 550 Bands
adventure might bring your way.