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Always be ready for anything, your next
adventure might bring your way.
We specialize in Ultimate 550 Paracord
Survival Bracelets, Watch Bands, custom
designs and more....
All our paracord products are hand-made
from super strong 550 paracord right here
in the USA.
Wear our survival bands every day and
show them off.  Paracord does not rot or
mildew and is quick drying. You can
quickly unravel your band and use the
extra cord to help you out in an emergency.
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We specialize in high quality custom made to order 550 paracord watch
designs and options you can choose from to get the perfect band for
your watch.  These are one of kind top quality bands you will not find
anywhere else, and that we guarantee.
Each watch band is specifically made for your watch and will be a perfect
fit.  All you need to do is clip it under your watch lugs just like you would
a regular watch band.
We also offer the option for our customers to send their watches in to us
so we'll  make the band on your watch and send it back complete.
(Please also see our Disclaimer page regarding purchases of knives)
Custom orders and requests are always welcome, just contact us.
Also check out
550pics page for images of completed customer orders.
Item Number: FLAT-Watchband
Buckle & Shipping:
Main Color (body):
Middle Line Color (optional):
Watch Style/Model
Actual Wrist Size:
Spacing - Between lugs/pins:
Spacing - Bottom to Top lug:
$39.99 msrp
Luxury FLAT Design Custom 550 Watch Band (Slim and Comfortable)
Design Examples:
(Click to enlarge)
How to start a fire with the Ultimate
Survival Watch band tools:  Knife,
Magnesium rod, & jute twine)
How to install our bands on G-Shocks
and watches with small spacing between
the watchband lugs.
How to install our watch band on diver
watches: Casio, Seiko, Submariner,
Seamaster etc....
You can easily measure your wrist with a flexible tape measure or loose
piece of rope.  
Just wrap around wrist for a snug fit and then measure the length.  
don't add any extra, we'll add length to the wrist size for a
comfortable fit. If you add extra length your watch band will bee to big.

Male average wrist size: 7" to 8"
Female average wrist size: 6" to 7"

For detailed Measurement details please visit the page below:
For large diver style watches and similar
install is easy.  You will put 4-6 lines of cord
under the lugs for quick connect.
For sports G-Shock and smilar style
watches only 2 lines of cord under the
 You must tell us if its a G-shock so
we can make the band correctly for you.
Watches with screw type lugs (ex:
Mudman) or fixed band (non
removable band) watches need
to be
sent in to us for direct on
the watch band build.  Please
contact us for details.  You can
send in any watch to us to make
your band right on the watch.
Please check out the pages below for buckle/color options
and to seehow to correctly measure your wrist and watch.
**Important:  Please provide correct wrist and watch measurements so we can make your band fit you and  
your watch correctly.  See our options & how to measure page and bottom of this page for more details  **
If there are missing details or something appears to be provided incorrectly we'll email you (reply to you paypal
payment email )  Your order will be one hold until all necessary details are provided.
Upgrade to a Handcuff Key Buckle:
The covert non-metallic handcuff key is disguised as a simple
buckle on your paracord bracelet. This could be one of the
ultimate HIPS (Hidden-in-Plain-Sight) items on the market today.  
This unique bracelet with the hidden handcuff key buckle is
designed to always be situated at the optimum location for access
and deployment - right next to the wrist. Disguised as a common
paracord bracelet won't draw any suspicious attention when worn.
The key remains completely hidden, and is simply pushed out
from its buckle housing when required in an emergency during
most demanding situations.
 Made in USA.
HD 5/8 Curved   -   5/8 Whistle Curved - 3/4 Whistle Flat
Buckle Options
*Listing for watch band only. (watch not included)*
5/8" HD Buckle (easy)
SS Adjustable Shackle (best)
3/4" Flat Whistle Buckle
5/8" HD Whistle Buckle
The Real Survival
Watch band:
Real 550 Paracord
Real USA made 550
paracord with 7 inner

- Whistle Buckle
- Handcuff key

Band is made of
10-20ft of paracord

(depends on wrist size)