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We specialize in Ultimate 550 Paracord
Survival Bracelets, Watch Bands, custom
designs and more....
All our paracord products are hand-made
from super strong 550 paracord right here
in the USA.
Wear our survival bands every day and
show them off.  Paracord does not rot or
mildew and is quick drying. You can
quickly unravel your band and use the
extra cord to help you out in an emergency.
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We specialize in high quality custom made to order 550 paracord
products .
Here you will find one a kind 550 Paracord Handle Straps for Dune
Buggy's, Jeeps, Polaris vehicles and more...

Each strap is hand made to order.   You have a choice of multiple colors,
and different Velcro Straps for the perfect fit on your vehicle.
We also offer the option for custom creations, so feel free to email us
your requests.
Please check out the pages below for buckle/color options.
Item Number: Buggy-550Handles
$69.99 msrp
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550 Paracord Roll Bar Grab Handles for VW Dune Buggy / Baha / Jeep / Polaris
Product Details:
HikePro Exclusive Hand Made to order 550 Paracord Grab Handles.   Great for Dune Buggies, Baha's, Jeeps, Polaris vehicles and more.  
Come with adjustable Velcro handles which allows you to mount on top of any roll bar or cage system.  Even over cushioned bars.
Extra large handles are Double Wrapped for comfort and great look.  Provides handy 550lb rated paracord for emergency situations.  Remove
the top layer for emergency situation and you sill still have a slimmer version of the handle left for the ride back home.
This kit is a universal design with velcro straps on each end.   If you require a more custom design we will be happy to help.  Please reach out
to us with your request.

-You have the option of purchasing single strap if thats all you need, or the complete set (pair).   Recommended to get 2 sets of the (pair)  4
total for JEEPS.

-Handle double braided with genuine 550lb USA Parachue cord.   We make the length in a universal size to fit all hand types.  Custom requests
are welcome.   
-Includes HD Veclro Straps with metal hardware - made in USA.   
Velcro Straps available in 1", 1.5" & 2" widths.  
Example pictures show 1" straps.  1.5" is heavy duty enought for any application.   2" might be
to wide for some cars.  We recommend going with the 1" for regular use and 1.5" for heavy duty use.
-Each Kit is made to order - please allow 3-7 days for shipment plus transit time.
More Images:
Install Examples:
Velcro Strap Options:
If you are looking for great custom items for your VW Dune Buggy
/ Baha / Hot Rod build please check out our new page below.
By request only.  Please contact us.