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Cuff Key Buckles
Suunto Core & Vector
Watchbands & Acces.
Kevlar Cord
Covert Survival Kits
Laser Sights
Always be prepared for whatever
your next adventure might bring
your way.
Here at HikePro we specialize in the
Ultimate 550 Paracord Survival
Gear, Accessories, and lots more.
All our paracord products are
hand-made from real 550lb
paracord right here in the USA, and
are designed to help you when
emergency strikes.
Also check out our wide range of
other products we carry from some
great EDC manufacturers.
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News and Updates:
  • All paracord gear orders are hand made for you, approximate
    ship date is 2-5 days after payment, and once all required
  • All Hand FORGED Items have a 1-2 Week Lead Time.
  • New!!  We now carry REVO Knives
  • New High Power Stun Guns in Stock!
  • New!! - MagBlocks - 10rd Magazine Limiter Kits
  • ADE Advanced Optics Weapon Lasers in stock!
  • Check out our High Power OLIGHT Flashlights
  • We carry WORLDS BRIGHTEST Weapon Lights
  • USA made Take-down Survival BOWS, bow-fishing
    kits and Take-DownArrows.  Great addition to any bug-
    out-bag / survival kit.   IN STOCK!
  • Check out our Suunto Core & Vector watch bands, lug
    Kits and survival Suunto Compass Bands.  One of a
    kind HikePro Exclusive Products!!
  • Check out our USA made Handcuff Key buckles and
    complete survival bands with EDC gear inside.
-Free shipping items ship FREE in USA, regardless of qty.
FREE for same style item.  Combined shipping on large orders.
-All INTERNATIONAL orders may have extra shipping to cover Intl.
USPS shipping rates.  Details on
Intl. Shipping.  Address has  to be
confirmed and terms agreed.
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